Pamper a new mum with this ultimate postnatal therapy package.

Based on Traditional Mayan and Javanese postnatal practices, I have designed these treatments to nurture and nourish mums. The Abdominal Massage helps create circulation and lymph flow as well as helping the uterus contract back down. The belly binding helps the tummy area shrink back down to the pre-baby figure. The castor oil herbal mask helps the body to heal faster. The essential oils help nourish your body while increasing milk production and promoting relaxation.


Postnatal Belly Binding Massage Voucher

  • Please note tht the price quoted is for home treatments within 5 miles of SO51 0AZ. Thereafter, the travel fee is 60p per mile from SO51 0AZ.

    Please provide the Name, Telephone number, Email and Address of the voucher recipient at check out.

    Vouchers are non- refundable and non-transferrable and must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

    A deposit of £10 will be held for the Belly Binds. One they are returned in person or by post (at client's own cost), the deposit will be refunded.