My Background

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I have been a holistic health practitioner for over 15 years. My initial training was in Clinical Holistic Aromatherapy but after suffering fertility challenges, I developed a keen interest in natural ways of assisting in fertility and reproductive health. That is when I came across Maya Abdominal Therapy, an ancient technique developed and brought to us in the present day by Dr Rosita Arvigo.

After helping many clients improve their reproductive health, I naturally wanted to look for other ways to assist them on their journeys to healing. This led me to complete my training in Pregnancy Massage and Postnatal Treatments. I am also a certified Infant Massage Instructor.


My Approach

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I am blessed to have found my true calling in supporting and working with women. I am passionate about empowering other women and guiding them through their journey in healing. I believe in natural healing methods and helping our bodies to their optimal balanced state through a holistic and spiritual approach. Working with each client as a whole, looking at treating the root cause of the problem whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or energetic in nature. I also believe that our amazing body, given half a chance, has the ability to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little help along the way.

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  • Certified Traditional Javanese Post Natal Selendang Belly Binding Treatment

  • Level 3 Certified Practitioner in The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy

  • IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor

  • FHT, CTHA Certified Pre & Post Natal Massage Therapist

  • ITHMA Certified Holistic Clinical Aromatherapist

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